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Green Hills with Blue Sky

Services Provided

Providing Integrative/Holistic Therapy

Treatment specialization includes:

  • Integrative/Holistic Counseling and Therapy
  • Therapy for Mood and Anxiety Disorders
  • Brief  Dynamic Psychotherapy 
  • Medication Management and/or Nutritional Counseling
  • Stress Management in the Home and Workplace
  • Couples Counseling

       I believe that every client has unique needs and requires a unique array of treatment options. Sometimes medications are helpful and sometimes natural supplements can be used instead.  Everyone is entitled to effective treatment in a timely manner. For this, I employ a variety of brief therapy techniques that have proven to be very helpful. These include hypnotherapy, guided imagery, NLP, and various cognitive approaches. Phobias and social anxiety  respond rapidly and quite well, in addition to general anxiety and depressive disorders.
      We are all entitled live more fully, according to the natural potential that we were born with. There is no need to wander through life feeling excessively anxious, unhappy, or unfulfilled. Brief psychotherapy, medication, natural supplements, relaxation training, and lifestyle re-shaping can all be utilized to reduce symptoms and improve the quality of one's life.  My approach is quite interactive. My patients learn to speak their "real self," whatever it may be, in a safe environment. We will be striving together for mutual authenticity and integrity. That is the true path. 

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